Have a toddler or preschooler or just young at heart? Come and learn Chinese with mister and miss Piggy on their picnic outing!

Based on Better Chinese's mister Piggy character, Piggy Picnic teaches colors, numbers, fruit names, sizes, and similarities concepts in Mandarin Chinese.

Through the 6 fun and interactive games, Piggy Picnic engages the young learners to continuously be exposed to these key concepts in Chinese and training their ears for the Chinese tones.

Additional features include different audio modes. Turning off the background music can allow the learner to hear the pronunciation more clearly. Audio options include "Chinese Only," "Chinese + English," and "English Only". These audio options provide instructions in their language settings to help to parents and learners during the learning process. These options can be changed during the game play.

  • *A colorful and imaginative way to learn Chinese!
  • *6 different games that teach kids about colors, fruit names, matching, sizes, numbers, and similarities
  • *Dozens of animated sounds and voice recordings in Chinese and English to promote listening skills and recognition of vocabulary
  • *Designed for young children with simple navigation and menus
  • *Earn lantern rewards
  • *Kids won't even realize they're learning a second language!
  • *Never-ending play!
  • -MATCHING. Match pairs of fruits behind cards to gather food for the picnic basket. Develops memory and recognition abilities.
  • -FIND IDENTICAL FRUITS. Pick pairs of the same fruit to put in the picnic basket.
  • -SIZE. Help Mr. Piggy pick the correct fruit size to put in the basket. Teaches comparisons and measurement concepts.
  • -COLORS. Help Mr. Piggy select the correct colored fruit for the picnic. Teaches colors and color names in English and Chinese.
  • -IDENTIFY THE FRUIT. Ms. Piggy is picky about her fruits. Help Mr. Piggy collect the right one for the picnic. Teaches vocabulary and reinforces listening skills.
  • -COUNTING. Count the number of fruits to put in the picnic basket. Teaches numbers and counting.
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